How can I use a text box as a numerical value?

I am creating an app that will serve as the user interface for a project I am helping my dad with. The main use of the app is to display information I get from a MQTT server using the plugin. In one of the text labels I want to show the sum of two wattage values, but the message I get from the server is in text form. I there a way to convert the text to something I can use in math blocks?DeepinScreenshot_select-area_20210207225342

Show us sample text, so we can figure out how to separate the numbers from the text.

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What happens when you add?

When I try running the program through the companion this error message shows up on my desktop

Can you please send an example text in which it is recived

Assuming that you get text in the form of text:number for example GT:1200 from your site you can use split text block


In the Designer, go through your 20 Labels and set their text values to '0'.
You left them at the default value, which poisoned your math.

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