How can I upgrade the webview component? (in the emulator...)

I have the same question. How can I updrade the webview component?

Please elaborate what do you mean by upgrade.

In the beta emulator(MIT_App_Inventor_Tools_26.255.0rc1), webview can't work. How can I do? Thanks.

You can test in a real device.

In our classroom, students don't allow to use real device. The beta version emulator works fine in our enviroment(computer with 4GB ram), the new emulator is too lage to lag.

I'm sorry. I don't have enough information to help you with that.
We need your help @powerusers

MIT no longer provides the aiStarter 2.3 that provides the 'old' emulator. :cry:

Here are some possible alternatives to MIT_App_Inventor_Tools_26.255.

Possibly you can use one of those emulators since the 'new' MIT emulator is not compatible with your school PCs.


The emulator is not in beta anymore. You're working with an old release candidate.

This is the page where you can download the released emulator. Installing and Running the Emulator in AI2

Could you let me know where you found the link to that installer? We need to make sure nobody downloads that in error.

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In this community but it isn't available.

I have fixed this problem. The beta version emulator is suitable for my classroom now.

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The emulator is not in beta anymore. The link above is the released emulator.

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