How can i transfer an app and the data stored in the tiny dB to a new phone?

Got a new phone and I need to transfer an app inventor app and its stored data from tinydb but not sure how to go about it? I know I can just transfer the apk but where is the data from tiny dB stored ?

Some ideas


Hello Joel

That's not really App Inventor specific? What about the other Apps installed on your old phone? Usually, your new phone would have a Manufacturer's App that offers to migrate the Apps from your old phone to the new one.

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Yes it did but for some reason it didn't transfer the app inventor apps which is why I was asking here in case there was a reason for it.

That's very odd - I transferred my Apps from a Samsung to an Huawei and all the App Inventor Apps went across (about 50) and all are working.

You can try doing it via USB using a third party App designed for the task - should find plenty of them on Google Play.

Yeah I have transfered apps from app inventor before fine so it might just be the phones they are going from or like you said how they were transfered. will try another app to transfer it. Thanks for your suggestions

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