How can I stop shutter sound inTaifun Camera extension

I am using the Taifun camera extension to detect if a severely disabled person who cannot speak is awake or not. My app takes a photo of an eye every few seconds and checks to see how great the difference is from the previous photo taken.

My problem is that a shutter opening sound is made each time a photo is taken. How can I suppress it?
Arun Mehta

On older Android versions there was no shutter sound and the extension could take photos silently. But as the Android system evolves, this is not possible anymore because of security reasons...thank you Google for protecting us /sarcasm

What you can do is to disable the system sounds, see also

To do this programmatically I can offer my settings extension


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Many thanks for your suggestions, Taifun. Unfortunately i do not have a Samsung phone, so that suggestion is out.

I read App Inventor Extensions: Settings | Pura Vida Apps carefully, but could not figure out how to turn off the Shutter sound.

Please help :slight_smile:

For once, Google doesn't seem to be the culprit, because on my Google Pixel test devices (Android 11, 13), I don't hear any shutter sound.

Try this: SoundManager : Helps to manage the sound of the device → on Android 6+


I think it is a Google thing - on my Android 10, with the sound set to zero, notifications still play a tone loudly. The only way to avoid that is to apply the Silent setting.

No shutter sound on Android 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 (tested with Companion).
Three of my test devices are Google devices

  • Nexus 5X - Android 8
  • Pixel 2XL - Android 11
  • Pixel 4XL - Android 13).

Samsung Galaxy Note8 (Android 9), Mi9 Android 10.

You forgot to mention your device manufacturer... what do you get if you do a Google search?

Try to turn off all sound types, i.e. alarm, ring, music and system to find out, which sound type switches off the sound...

My settings extension is able to change the sound types alarm, music and ring.


No shutter sound on

  • Nexus 5X - Android 8
  • Pixel 2XL - Android 11
  • Pixel 4XL - Android 13
  • Samsung Galaxy Note8 - Android 9
  • Mi9 - Android 10
  • Huawei P20 Lite - Android 9
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - Android 9
  • OnePlus 6 - Android 11


  • Samsung Galaxy A3 - Android 8.0.0

Now I'm starting to get curious as to whether I can find any of my 20 test devices that have this ominous shutter sound. :wink:

Huawei P30 pro Android 10. has the shutter sound - it's actually subtle, but it is there.

uleFone Note 14 Android 12 - shutter sounds like a guillotine! There is a long list of settings for sound but the camera is not specifically mentioned.

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To test out your suggestion, Taifun, I wrote a small app, the .aia file is attached. When the volume switch is turned on, the alarm, music and ring volumes are set to 100%, and when switched off, they are all set to 0.
Sadly, on my Techno Spark 7T, running Android 11, this has no impact on the shutter sound, which is loud!
Any suggestions on how to turn off this shutter sound, short of replacing the phone, very welcome.
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@Anke has tested several devices and we can see, that normally there is no shutter sound, I also tested on my Samsung Galaxy A54 running on Android 13 and there also is no shutter sound
unfortunately it looks like your device manufacturer tries to keep their clients even more protected than Google does...

you only can try to switch off all sounds manually and see if that helps... sorry, I do not have another idea...


What you can do is ask Techno if the shutter sound can be suppressed: