How can i stop appinventor to open my last modified project by default?

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I am having some bugs and It can be fixed if I can stop Appinventor to open my last modified project automatically on refresh. I searched all repo but didn't seen where is the code written to open last modified project ? Do you know where it is written ? If yes, Please let me know.


You should be able to use this link to open App Inventor without automatically loading the last project ( Furthermore, you can permanently disable autoloading a project by using the corresponding option in the Settings menu once you've loaded App Inventor.

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I am a developer(Java). I want to do changes in Appinventor source code

What bugs are being caused by App Inventor automatically opening a project? If it's a deeper problem with App Inventor it should be fixed but you're not really providing enough information for us to act on.

I am doing changes locally in Appinventor. I have some bugs caused by my codes. I have cloned Appinventor Sources. I have created something in my local sources which is giving error on Refresh but I am not sure it's giving error while opening project or loading project page as both are done at same time because of Auto Load.

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Probably the easiest way to turn this off globally, if that's what you intend, is to modify Ode.shouldAutoloadLastProject() to return false.

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