How can I split requested information?


how can I divide the requested information into individual pieces without special characters?

requested api info (

and i get this:

so i build with jsontextdecode and i get this:

so far i have done it as shown in the picture:

How can i now show this like:

Last trade price 38221.25
Price 24h 39155.4
Volume 24h 398.23739

i am a beginner and i would appreciate it for any help :slight_smile:

Greez Chris

You could do this:

which will return this in a single label:


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Thank you @TIMAI2

how can i rename volume_24h to 24h Volume ?

If the "key" is static (always the same) then you could do this:


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while building it just occurred to me myself, logic xD

how can i do math on this build, i want to divide some numbers



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thanks alot it work! :slight_smile:

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