How can I solve the problem that doesn't store even if app have TinyDB?

Hi, my app made for giving feedback and comment from teachers to students. I want to have data stored permanently, so I used TinyDB. When I run the code, it works until screen 3. However, the app doesn't store what I did on screen 4 even though it has TinyDB. Is there any wrong code in my app? How can I solve it?

If you give some suggestions, I really would appreciate it.
This is my app:
projectFinalVersion.aia (23.8 KB)

Please post the corresponding blocks from your project.

Okay, I think these blocks are main which have problmes


Other blocks are just for marking grade.

In Screen3 you have a block TinyDB Clear All, that deletes everything in the TinyDB, try the block below and see if it works..


I got it I will try that

Even though I erase the clear block of tinyDB, I couldn't store the information(name, grade, memo, comment and marking grade) in screen 4.

Could you explain what you keep in the circled tag/value?

These are the tags for each information such as memo, comment, name and grade. Should I put seperately?

What do you get if you ask TinyDB for the value for that particular tag?

Use the Do It facility.

I looked in your .aia project.

You have 4 screens, each with the same TinyDB1 Namespace (TinyDB1) in differently named TinyDB components.

They are effectively all the same TinyDB.

So when you clear one, you clear all the others.

Also, the team mate who you gave Screen4 to never learned how to use lists.