How can I smartly reduce these "Fake Screen" blocks?

Hello all!
I'm developing a simple app which displays information based on the categories and sub-details you choose.

Currently I'm just working on the bare-bones framework of the system, so I can add more details later.
As you can see in the image below, there are quite a few "Fake Screens", which are being toggled via "Turn this off if ____, turn this on if ____" methods.
They're piling up quick, don't look neat, and are just going to get worse as I get deeper into the layers of Fake Screens.

Is there any way to reduce these blocks? Perhaps I can use a Procedure to merge them into one?

Thank you!

0823 current.aia (58.4 KB)

Yes, there is, and one could be as below


What's in all those Arrangements?

Do they all have the same shape and data structure?

If so, you just need a filtered table feeding a smaller number of reused Arrangements.