How can I share image, text and video?

How can I share image, text and video?
Here is what I did, but only the video I can't share. While on others it works correctly?
It gives me: File not found to share, even though the video is recorded normally

The extension is expecting a file path for the video clip, but the video recorder returns a content-uri.

Sorry, I'm a newbie, I don't understand what you mean by that.
Can you be more specific with an example?

You will need to find the location where your video files are saved, then get the file path from there.

I thought it's like with the photo, once it's taken-recorded, it can be shared instantly.
How is the way you mention?

Look at the value of clip - you will see it is not a file path but a content-uri.....

There are several extensions that claim to convert a content-uri to a file path, but none of them work for me.

From what I understand, what I'm looking for, can't be done?

As I said:

For the photo it is done immediately without me looking the file path

Because image returns a file path.

Aww, thank you so much
You are always very helpful