How can i send and receive text Bluetooth in 1 project

i am creating a project which send,receive data via Bluetooth (this is a test project)

  1. 1235.JPG what is difference between these components can i use 1 to both send,recieve

  2. my app has only 1 app not 1 to send,other to receive or 2 project,2 apk but just 1 apk to which can both send,receive i will install this 1 apk on my both mobiles so how can i do this

  3. i don't know more on Bluetooth though i connect Arduino with it so teach me

blue_tooth.aia (1.1 KB)
i designed what i need but collapsed with blocks see the aia

Hopefully, this helps with your first question!

EDIT: This might help.


you might be interested in A simple Bluetooth Chat with App Inventor 2


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thanks i did from both the links help