How can I scan Eddystones?

How can we scan for Eddystones? I have read a lot but seems impossible

Thanks for any help

Hi Ski Monsters

What have you tried? I would start with the MIT BLE extension and see if that can find the beacons.

Hello Peter and Chrisward thank you both for you answer
I have try many complicate and less complicated code
But this simple one must allready work I guess!

OK, You can't get good results in the Screen Initialize Block - that is as it's title suggests, it's all about the GUI and setup, nothing else should be there.

So, put it in a Button Event Block.

Did you get any results?

Yes did try this , no result, I have build a version with a connection of ble and uart this working perfect with auto detection and connection to trigger a timer., but in this case not more then 4 people can connect to it so I wanted to use the eddystone advertisement to trigger the action my microbit beacon gives follow:
But I can not read this info do tyou think its possible with a right setup?


"beacon_type": "eddystone_url",

"distance": 0.2750164923480887,

"eddystone_url_data": {

"url": ""


"hashcode": -1446329568,

"isBlocked": false,

"last_seen": 1616080272917,

"manufacturer": 65194,

"rssi": -46,

"tx_power": -51



So many unknowns there. So, you have tested with the latest BLE extension, scanning for Eddystone Advertisements, but had no results (no beacons found).


  1. How many Beacons are actually available to find?
  2. How far (distance) are the Beacons from your Android device (phone)?

Reading the Wikipedia notes, it seems the Eddystone Beacons have a checkered history and lack popularity. It also seems (though not crystal clear to me) that devices now need the Proximity Beacons API to work with Eddystones.

Let's find out what Evan Patton knows about them.

Its suprime me that there is just no information or examples
I setup a micro:bit version 2 to broadcast eddystone url all detections app of android see them
marker as eddystone url + mac adress distance and rssi all detected.
But I can' make this work in app inventor, I just want to make a action possible when my app see a eddystone , I don't want to connect to it with bluetooth just detect and a action ,

Hope someone can point me to a example of this

Thanks Sander

I think the reason is simply that these devices have been a failure for Google. As I understand it, they are no longer in production.