How can I save the location data from one screen to list picker in another screen?

So I’m now doing a project which requires me to add my current location on a map from screen 1 to a list picker in screen 2. But can’t figure out how should I do it. Anyone could give me some assistance on this issue?

Ur help is much appreciated.

use tinydb or use start value

Welcome Lim.

There are several ways to do this.

  • the simple way is to use virtual screens instead of Screen
  • the way I would do this is to place a TinyDB on Screen1 and one on your 'another Screen'. Write the coordinates to a Tag. In the anotherScreen.Initialize event handler retrieve the Tag to a variable on that Screen.
  • there are other ways to transfer data to other screens.

The question is : why do you want to save the location data to a ListPicker? Perhaps you would explain this in more detail?

Thank u sir for the solution. To reply to your questions, this is bcuz I’ll be designing an app that could detect the water pollution at different locations (especially to river that branches into smaller rivers) therefore I’ll need all the different current locations of the person to be saved into the list picker for me to calculate the gradient of the pollutants in water.

Hope this clears off your question.

Once again thank u sir

OK. Yes you can do something like that.

Here is a 'similar' app posted to the MIT Gallary. Parts of its code might be useful in your stream survey app. MIT App Inventor Gallery .

The example saves data to a FusionTable, a database that is no longer available. However you can save to a TinyDB or GoogleSheet instead possibly.