How can I save my data, in a new folder?

Hey everyone :slight_smile:
I want to save my data in a new folder, so I tried to add “/Folder name/file name.csv”, but I got an error and it seems that I can’t create a new folder.
If I use only one / then the app works and it saves the data in the main storage of the phone.
Does anyone know how I can create one?
I attached bellow the line of code that doesn’t work:

The native File control cannot ‘create’ file directories. Does your Internal sDcard that has a preexisting directory Stress fractures project . You should be able to write to that directory; otherwise use an extension to create the directory.

You might try Taifun’s File Extension


Juan Antonio’s File Explorer Extension

Both are free and work to create a directory.

Good luck


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Thank you so much!
I will look at what you sent :slight_smile:

Also see the Canvas SaveAs trick, in this thread …

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