How can I save my app inventor translation?

I would like to complete the Italian translation of App Inventor. I registered to weblate, but when I go to the translation interface (e.g. both the Save and Suggest buttons are grayed out, so I cannot submit my translations. I would also like to know how I can confirm a previous suggestion: should I just manually copy and paste it from the "Suggestions" box to the "Translation" box?

Ah. This is my fault. I need to enable the account, so I need a personal contact before you can start translating.

I have enabled your account, and I think the change is immediate. Let me know if the buttons are enabled now.

With regard to suggestions, I believe you will have an "Accept" button, but let me know if you don't see it.

Thank you for your help with the Italian translation!

Thank you. I completed the translation. I found several (empty?) strings, such as Blockly.Msg.LANG_CONTROLS_CHOOSE_INPUT_TEST. How am I supposed to translate them?

I'll take a look at those. I think they would have to be errors on our end.

When translating "A number that encodes how contents of the VerticalScrollArrangement are aligned horizontally. The choices are: 1 = left aligned, 2 = right aligned, 3 = horizontally centered. Alignment has no effect if the arrangement''s width is automatic" I realized that the apostrophe (and, I suppose, all single quotes) must be coded as two single quotes. Are there other ways of coding chars that must not be entered as such in the weblate tool?