How can i run the second GCLOUD server?

hello, I am new in the community. I am facing some problems when I start the second GCLOUD server. and giving me errors. --port=8888 --address= appengine/build/war/

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Hi, I think your topic is posted on the wrong category...
it should be in #open-source-development

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I can't see the whole Exception; could you please copy-paste it into here?

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It looks like you've failed to install Java support in the gcloud sdk. You'll want to run:

gcloud components install app-engine-java

Yeah, I think we need to run Google Cloud SDK Command Prompt on administrator mode for this command to work.

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This command can also run normally on GCloud

But I said sometimes it doesn't work...
The same happened to me!

Sometimes this is what happens when we run it normally so its better running it on the administrator mode, then it works fine...

IDK why this happen with you but this is not same in mine

As I said it happens sometimes to some people, this isn't the issue only between you and me...

Paste this command in Command prompt Admin

gcloud components install app-engine-java

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You typically only ever need to run the installation commands as an administrator if you previously ran an installation as administrator or if you've extracted the SDK somewhere your user account doesn't normally have write access to. In most cases, you should probably put the SDK somewhere under your home directory and never run the installation as administrator so that all files continue to remain owned by your user account.

I think the command which he was trying to run it should be run into app-inventor directory instead of cloud SDK folder.


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