How can I retrieve password under a tag in firebase?

So, hello I'm working on Log in form and Sign-Up form. But I encounter a problem in log in when I try to log in It's only retrieving the username but not the password. so, it's always showing "Wrong password" message even the password and password in Firebase is correct.

Here's my blocks in Sign-Up Form:

Here's the blocks for my Log In:

Here's what my firebase data look like:


Don't use numbers like tags in firebase:

You need to use like tag "1/Nickname" and "1/Password" in GetValue blocks.

That tag was the username, but even it's not a number it's still not retrieve the password in firebase. it's always displaying the wrong password. did i use wrong blocks or place it wrong?


You are trying to get the value for this Tag..where is this tag in you DB?


That tag is this, I'm using the username as a tag in db


And you will have problems with a Tag "1".

It's confusing me sorry. Do i need to change the blocks then delete the 1 tag in my db?

You need to change (and don't use similar Tags) the Tag "1".

The blocks work with the value you set in email. If email=Charles then they will get Charles/Nickname and Charles/Password...with "1" it cannot work properly.

So as long as i don't use numbers as tags/username it would not have an error?. But even i do that i even delete all data in DB and start registering different users i still can't log in. It's always showing the "Wrong Password" in log in form.

Check what are you receiving in GotValue (value).

I already solve the problem so I change the global email to global user in this part of sign up form.

and add the this two in log in form.

It's all working. Thanks for the help @Ramon

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