How can i resolve the 516 error in my code for an all in one robot using arduino.........hoping you will resolve it soon cuz i am a student of 9 and the due date is in 5 days.......thankyou


mit 3

search error 516 to see if any solutions.

nothing is showing nothing related to mine

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There are at least two problems in your blocks:

  • You don't test if you are still connected before attempting to transmit on BlueTooth
  • You transmit from the Slider Thumb Changed event, which fires very rapidly during a thumb move. To slow down the transmissions, devote a Clock Timer to checking the Slider position compared to the last cycle. You would need an extra global variable for this, lastSliderValue. Only transmit from the Timer event if the current Slider thumb does not equal the value you saved from the previous Timer event. Deal only with rounded values when storing and comparing thumb values.