How can I reset a step counter for each day?

I don't know how I can make a daily step counter.
I need to reset the steps for each day.
-Thanks and bye :smiley:

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Do you mind trying this ?

blocks (2)

I haven't tested it but I think it should work.

You cannot. You have to save each contiguous block as a separate png file, so in your example above, you would need 5 png files, each draggable.


No you can not

Sorry my bad, wrong image.....

changed it.

Thanks for anwser!
I have a problem, I did this and I don't know why but when I do a step it does not put it in the text.
Thank you!

Maybe try this instead of the variable.


Plenty advice in > Search results for 'pedometer steps' - MIT App Inventor Community :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help!!

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Is it working ?

Is it possible to reset the step value in the background?