How can I receive bluetooth module hex text

I have machine that communicate hex code . The machine send hex code like FF 2D CD A1(can't change to ASCII) . I want to received data hex but all Bluetooth example I saw was received to ASCII,so received data broken. How can I receive app inventor to hex raw code. Is anyone can help me?

Create a code in the app to convert the information received to Hex.
Can you give an example of the information you receive in the app?

@Juan_Antonio Hi! just basic one

Label2 text is Broken because of hex code

Try this

DelimiterByte: 10

Here is a non-text sample with hex conversion:
BT_bytelist.aia (3.2 KB) Capture

I left out connection blocks, since I don't have a test bed for the BlueTooth part.

P.S. Notice how I am receiving Unsigned Bytes instead of text, and that what I get back is a list of bytes (numbers in the range 0-255).
I am also displaying all cumulative input, instead of just the last incoming bunch of bytes.

@ABG Thanks for advice . It works well!

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