How can I read the datamatrix in the ''app invertor'' Can you help me?

I want to scan a datamatrix using a barcode scaner, but the barcode scaner does not
is scanning qr code but it doesnt scan datamatrix. What can ı do Pls this is very important for me Help me.

It is doubtful you can scan a datamatrix using the BarCode scanner. The Bar Code Component is for scanning a QR code and getting back the resulting string. A datamatrix is not a QR code.
The native scanner will also scan Bar codes.


You probably need an extension as the native barcode scanner cannot resolve a data matrix.

You might be able to use an external scanner. UseExternalScanner will set whether or not you wish to use an External Scanning program such as Bar Code Scanner. If false a version of ZXing integrated into App Inventor will be used.