How can I pick specifics datas in dictionaries

The purpose of my app is to give points after someone scan a qrCode and to give informations with a title, a text ang an image.
The problem is that I don't know how to pick the values of the keys 'points', 'title', 'txt' and 'img', on the above picture.
For exemple, I'd like to add the number of point to a global variable named score.
Thanks in advance for your answer

How many QR codes do you have, and how often do you get new ones?

I have 15 Qrcodes, each one return a different name, and the dictionnary have a name, a title, a text and an image associated.

Finally, I think I succeded to solve this problem, thanks to the documentation.
However, thank you very much for your interrest in my problem
Have a good day