How can I open cloudDB for App Inventor MIT server?

I want to use MIT cloudDB. In App Inventor it requires to use default cloudDB, database ID and passcode(token).
How can I get these items?
Am I charged to use MIT cloudDB server?
Redis is free for 1 db.

There is no same FAQ, everybody sure to know it. Hope immediate answer.

As I know, AI2 redis server is free. This is for testing only, not for production.

So I recommend you to setup your own server if you are storing some private data.

Hi Kevinkun,
Thanks your immediate response.
It is my first hear that it is only for test not for production.
So I need to search another server for my operation.

As I said, if your data is not that sensitive, you can use MIT server.

If I use MIT cloudDB, how can I get DBid and Token, both are required to access MIT server?

When you drag the component CloudDB into the Designer, you will see the default don't need to modify them if you want to use MIT server (RedisPort, RedisServer and Token)):


Your answer help me.It is just i want!

thank you!