How can I manually override PIR sensor using app

I have a system which uses an arduino uno, Pir sensor, and a 5v relay. When the pir sensor detects motion, it opens the 5v relay. I recently purchased an Hc-06 module to beable to control this via my mobile device.

I created an app on Mit app inventor. Its a simple app where when a button labelled "On" is pressed it sends a one, and when a button labelled "Off" is pressed, it sends a 0.

My problem however is, I want the app to be able to manually override the function of the PIR, so once i am connected , even it the PIR detects motion it wont open or close the relay, is there a button I can add for this funcionality via MIT app inventor ? how would i do that

Dear @Aumari_Joseph,
what @NishyanthKumar has posted is perfect on AI2 side, but let me suggest you a few things on Arduino side, since recently I've done something very similar, though I've used a NODEMCU ( based on 8266) instead. In my hardware configuration the PIR is acquired on D1.
I guess you are very familiar with Arduino programming, nevertheless I hope these few lines can help you and save your time. The code represents just a chunk of the setup() and of the loop() functions. Obviously you have to add your code that suits your needs. Image and code here below.

void setup()
    Serial.begin(115200);                       // Initializes the Serial Monitor
    BTSerial.begin(38400);                      // initializes the BT comm's (supposing SoftwareSerial library used and correctly initialized) 
    WaitToRead = millis();                      // To avoid the first PIR acquisition after the reset
    overridden = false;                         // overridden declared as global bool. Purpose: to override the PIR detection by App 
    DontReadAgain = true;                       // declared as global bool . Purpose: to avoid too fast PIR readings

void loop() 
   if (BTSerial.available > 0)                                    // Something from App ? (HC06)
   {  char command =;
      if (command == '0') overridden = false else overridden = true;  
   if ((digitalRead(D1) == HIGH) && !DontReadAgain && !overridden) // PIR detected a movement but it sends info to the server only if WaitToRead has elapsed
   {                                                               // and not overridden       
     #ifdef Debug 
     Serial.println("PIR triggered"); 
     RelayCYcle();                                                  // Actuate the relay
     DontReadAgain = true;                                          // Avoid too frequent trigger's repetition 
     WaitToRead = millis();                                         // Now
   if(millis()- WaitToRead >= 5000) DontReadAgain = false;          // Mask off too frequent PIR acquisitions. After 5 seconds the PIR can be freed again

Last, but not least, you can take a look to @Juan_Antonio's web site (KIO4) for further hints on AI2 and Arduino (almost any model) BT comm's.
Best wishes for your project.


Thanks alot

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I have made some progress, When button 3 is set to "currently on", and the "On" button is pressed which sends a "1", the relay will remain open regardless of if motion is detected or not. However, when the "Off" button is pressed and a "0" is sent, I would like it to stay off regardless of if motion is detected or not, but it still detects motion.

In summary I want the PIR to be disabled when the app is set to "currently on", and I want it to be enabled when the app is sent to "currently off". Your reply has been super helpful and I will continue to work on this project

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