How can i make this saved vertically?

Please show the content of Label4



What Android version are you testing on?

i'm using adroid 10 for testing

csv content like 'aa\nbb\ncc\ndd', will be shown vertically.

what about mine tho?

replace Label4.text segment ',' with '\n'
join Listview.Element with '\n'

i've tried this already, but it's still showing horizontally

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

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so you are trying to transpose a list of list.

blocks draggable

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Use multiple sheets to flatten your data to get only one value per cell.

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i've tried this again but it doesn't work, its still showing vertically

What have you done?
what your data look like? and how you want it be shown/stored?
give some examples.

What does global name name?

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