How can I make something happen when a value in TinyDB is greater than a number?

Hello everyone, I was trying to make certain situations happen based on what happens in another tab. Specifically, I was trying to change the color of a button (in tab 2) depending on the score obtained (in tab 3). I tried putting that if the score is greater than 15, then the button turns green. Sometimes this works, but often errors appear and the app crashes.

What do the errors say?

You probably have an empty textbox. Ensure it at least has a 0 / zero in it.

So, would it be enough to put a 0 in the label text, in the design section?

Why not try it see if the error goes away ?

it doesn't go away

Please show your relevant blocks

i solved, thank you

and how did you solve it ?

I'm sorry I asked...

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