How can I make "Photo Gallery" like in the native "Android" application(internet download)?

When we open the photo gallery on the phone, we already understand that our own gallery is automatically formed into a table view.
Now I have questions (I think and not only me)
--How can this be implemented in our application?
--How can I create a dynamic table in which photos are loaded from the Internet?
For example, I want to display 3 columns and n* number of rows
--On the Internet, the number of photos is dynamic, but I can count them with the help of - the length of the list (array) (i.e. count links)
--And as we understand it, if possible on the Photo, then it should be displayed in full screen

-I have one idea how to solve this: convert all links to .csv format ...then create a html gallery page
I need your help,maybe there is a similar solution?
I care about your opinion.

One way

Another way

both would require modification

Also see:

Hello,thanks for the help! Do you think I'm on the right track and use html(JS)?Maybe you came across similar custom extensions(.aix)?

thanks for your site. If you manage the site, then I noticed there are a lot of remote user applications (broken links, deleted) - they could be marked in red (without infringing or insulting users) this would make it easier for users to search - this is my opinion and don't take it seriously

It is not my site. (

The links I provided are just a few examples of how you could do it. There are many other ways: get directory listings of image files, display using dynamic components extensions or (recycler) listviews.