How can I make files read in a folder?

Hi, i’m developing an app that choose a random audio when click the button and is played them. I would need to search these audio in a folder on my pc or in a database without uploading them manually it.


probably it will be possible using this extension?
SMB Manager Extension by Jörg Hüneburg
to list all files and folders of smb share (windows shared folder) and to copy a local file to smb share


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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@Taifun Thanks a lot for the answer. unfortunately being a beginner I don’t know the right procedure to implement this function correctly, could you help me?

I have prepared an example using images stored on google drive. I have a spreadsheet that lists each image name and its file ID. I call this data down to the app using the web component, then set the image names in a listview. On selecting an image filename from the listview, the image is called and displayed in the app.

This is a combination of database (spreadsheet data) and image store (online images). Much the same approach applies for other online or “off app” image storage

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I think this solution is very close to mine but unfortunately some things are not clear to me and I understand that answering all my doubts is boring so I limit myself to just a few questions: I don’t understand the usefulness of the spreadsheet and the id of each file to what it leads. Also I don’t understand the meaning of some strings(2,3,4) of the “join” function. thanks you are taking your time to help me! :pregare:

(in the meantime I continue to tinker and understand each other more)

The spreadsheet simply holds the filename and fileID of a set of image files stored on google drive

The “join” string builds the url to the google spreadsheet, the specific sheet and the specific range, outputting in csv format.

If you put that url in a browser address bar, it should download a csv file with the content

yes now it is clear, therefore the audio files must be loaded in a google drive folder that can be shared by everyone and copy the id of each file and write it in the “ID” section of the spreadsheet. I will try and post the results, thank you very much!