How can i make canvas that overlapps a webviewer?

I have a canvas which servers me as a joystick.
In the web viewer i want to have a vision from my ipcamera which is placed on my robot.

So i want the canvas to overlapp the webviewer - like placing it on a diffrent layer.

Best i can do is something like this: Screenshot by Lightshot
vs what i want: Screenshot by Lightshot

I want the webviewer to take the whole screen and have the canvas on top of it in bottom left corner.

I just started my adventure with app inventor so please be patient and understanding :slight_smile:

Thank You in advance.

Hi @Kreeker,
Please ask in the community of the builder you are using.You asked the same question on kodular community:

Correct, but i did it because if one of the builders does not offer such solution i will move to the one that does.

That will need to be a floating button in a transparent HTML page.

Edit: probably requires a bit of javascript. Find out how to make a floating button first, ask w3schools forum how it can be dragged by the User.