How can i make a text highlighter [letter by letter] with timer

Hello Everyone

How can i make a text highlighter [letter by letter] for a label component with timer

for example , each 500 millisecond it highlight first letter then second letter till the end of a line or till a bracket ( ) then starts again after the bracket and so on ?

I tried this extension but it didn't work fine

[ com.apphelper.highlighttext.aix ]

looking forward for your help , thank you all.

Set label's HTML to true



Brilliant solution Dora! :trophy:


Hi Dora

I think i have minor mistake in my blocks probably a space or something ?

, because each time i run the apk it shows this error

a copy of my blocks

Initialize global letters to create and empty list

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thank you , I've done it , the error is gone , but weirdly it doesn't highlight anything.

highlightext.aia (4.2 KB)

Problem is caused by <br> Also I modified the procedure see

highlightext_1.aia (3.6 KB)

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it's weird that it works on real device android [ 11 ] but on koplayer emulator [ 4.4.4 ] it doesn't

anyway thank you so much for this great solution.

The emulator may not understand HTML?

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no i don't think so because i already tested <font> tag for increasing and decreasing the text and it works fine , but probably (style background-color) isn't supported on that emulator.

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