How can I make a rowing program that indicates distance between boats?

Hi Steve JG
Social Distancing is very useful application I think.
It will be very useful in order to avoid collision of boats. As you know in rowing boat rowers can only reverse side.
Will you improve this application if rowers distance gets less than limits then sounds alert.
If it completed rowers can avoid dangerous collision I think.
Your improvement will be appreciated,

admpapa3 Japan

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You can do this yourself by modifying the aia file .

Presently the alarm is set for two ( 2 ) meters. Set the distance to anything you want from 2 to 100 m or so. You may have to change both places indicated. Experiment.

Change the alarm sound (BarkBarkBark.mp3) to anything sound you want.

Change the app name, the users (Dad,Mom,Son,Daughter) to boat1, boat2, boat3, boat4 or whatever you want.

Have fun. :wink:

Hi SteveJG,

Thanks your timely responce.

I have YouTube channel as 1xer-novice, I introduce your SocialDistancing2 as

in order to introduce SD2 among rowers.


It is grateful I can revise it for rowing venue.

CloudDB shall be prepared individual for each rowing vunue.

May I ask time interval to take compute one cycle.

boat moves 5m/s so interval is wanted small.

Does Android phone have location accuracy smaller than 2m?

I d like to revise for rowing and let rowers use It to avoid collision.



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You need to read Using the Location Sensor first.