How can I make a code with calculations?

How can I make a code, with calculations such as those number beside the text?

Using blocks which are there in math drawer.

What you are expecting? If user input number , Is it need to multiply with per ticket amount ? I hope you can use two text boxes, one for input and nother for output using maths block

Input box you can design just like with increment and decrement value

Yea I'm expecting it to multiply for how much tickets they will buy

Bill(2).aia (4.8 KB)

Test this

I have tried with when any button click event so as to reduce the blocks.. As per my idea i have tried this.. May be someone can do even with little more less blocks..

You just add the componets into the variables alone other things(Calculation part) Event block will take care of it..

You could also use @Kevinkun 's regex extension to get the price from the text:

How can you carry that data to the next screen?

Using TinyDB OR by calling new screen with parameter.

Storing Value and open another screen with start value

On button click to go to next screen use all the text box text as as a list and send this list to next screen via using start value event.

In next screen using index select the required item into different lables