How can I loop through multiple buttons?

Hello to all,
I have problem in my project, i.e. I totally have 10 buttons (like b1,b2,....) and have 10 options (like o1,o2,.......) and when i select any option from spinner it have to show correspondent button eg: if o1 is selected b1 has to display, instead of writing code for every option, is there any alternate solution for it by using loops, so that it can be done in single of code.........
I thank u for any response..

Just have one button, and set it accordingly (display text and click action) using lists.

Alternatively, use the look up in pairs list block to map selection values into button components.

But every button has to perform an unique operation.

Can u guide me??...........

Give us 3 examples, please.

Here an example aia project for you

justonebutton.aia (3.3 KB)