How can I loop my background music?

Hello! Ive been trying to get the background music in my app to play throughout all of my screens continuously until I close the app (or disable the music). I already tried using the player extension by taifun, but extensions don't really work on iPhone so its hard for me to test if its really working since I don't have an android phone.
Is there another way to get this to work? Ive seen some people using the clock as timer, but Im not sure how.

Thanks for every reply!

A possible simple solution. Instead of using real Screens, use virtual screens. Then you do not have the issue caused by changing to another real Screen ... it is easy, instead of a separate Screen, put your content for the 'screen' in a Vertical or Horizontal Layout that you show or hide ... as described in Building Apps with Many Screens

This technique should work with iOS.

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