How can I isolate a word or words from a sentence?

How can I isolate a word or words from a sentence? (Without character numbering). Examble
city New York country usa id NY
How can give in a Label only New York

(that is, that which exists between city and coyntry) and a other Label only usa and a third Label ony NY

Maybe something like this

And how can i view only the last word NY ?

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The last word NY from Anke Block code dosn't work, i view only Y and no NY.
For this it works the dora_paz Block

Show your blocks.

Do all three in one go:

It would be much easier if you sorted out your original data in the first place so that you had a well formatted csv file:

New York,USA,NY

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He is not using empty space

No, because of this:
Riverside state_id CA county_name Riverside

Split at one space:

@Anke is right. I didn't consider the case that a city might contain id as Riverside

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You can segregate using a List like this @kopernikus :

You can uses spaces to separate if no 'items' are composed of two 'words' ... New York > New_York

Hello again
I noticed the following problem. I can not display only the word York
I applied the above but it does not work

The result is city York and no only York

What is the purpose / goal?

There is no want. York was a bad example. Better to isolate the word usa
without typing in segment "city New York country" because instead of New York he can write another city. The fixed words that do not change are city , country id.

I've already shown you a way to do it:

Then show us a good example, next time. :wink:

For example I have the following list.

    city New York country Usa id NY
    city Athens country Greece id ATH
    city Rome country Italy id ROM

From the list the fixed words are city,country,id
Depending on what will be selected from the list, I want to isolate only the country, that is USA,Greece,Italy.

Why do you want to keep using this format. It makes things much to complicated. Why not use a CSV format?

New York,USA,NY

or use JSON

"city": "New York",
"country": "Usa",
"id": "NY"