How can I interact with an API directly from an Alexa Skill

For our STEM club - we've figured out how to read an API from a mobile App, to store the results in CloudDB, and subsequently use that information in an associated Alexa Skill.

However we can't figure out how to make this Skill "stand alone". In other words we can't figure out how to access the API directly from the Skill - because the Skill Pallete doesn't give us access to the full range of blocks available from the Screen Pallete (which we use to access the API).

I'm hoping we're being a bit dim and there's an obvious easy way round this!

Any help or pointers appreciated

Ken Douglas

All community Alexa conversations might provide advice.

Thank you - I'll follow up on that

As far as I know the only way to have Alexa access mobile app functionality is via the CloudDB. I am cc'ing @ewpatton to see if he has any suggestions and to let us know when Alexa skills might be able to reach a greater integration with mobile app capabilities.

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We have someone on our team investigating adding a version of the Web component for Alexa.

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