How can I get this package name?

I originally published this app on the Android Market. Hahehahehah. I just tried to upload an update to get it published again. I've renamed this project a few times, But, I thought I used the original name again , for this update. But, the Google Play Console says that I need a different package name. I believe that I'm using the correct account. How do I get this project to have the package name I need?

Anke, thanks for trying to help. But, I don't need any of that. I have built, and published, multiple AI2 apps. With this update, I have no Keystore issues. Because, it was originally published before the Keystore existed.

 I was just trying to ask if it is possible to view, or even edit the package name? Because, the Play Store is requesting that the package name be = appinventor.ai_Localfiveguy.GpsAutotexter

I thought it did have that package name. But, I can't see why it doesn't have that package name? Now, I wonder, is it case sensitive?

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and GpsAutotexter must be your project name (aia name).