How can I get the AppName?


I want to put My AppName in Textbox
How can I do it?
I mean when my app is running

Write appname in Textbox.Text = your_appname


I mean >>
When I press Button The textbox will show My AppName
Not My screen title

Do you need the AppName, the Title the Namepackage?

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I need AppName(My App Name) and VersionCode please.

Writes the AppName and Version text directly to a TextBox or Label.

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The AppName and VersionCode and VersionName are not available as a Property using Blocks.
See the documentation for Screen and read about them there.

They only can be adjusted using the Screen1 Properties using the Designer. If you want to expose them in your app, you have to provide that information to your app by doing what Juan Antonio suggests. Alternatively, you can place that information in the AboutScreen text box .


Version Code and Version name are available using Taifun's Tools extension.

I suggest you type the app name into the about screen box in the designer, then you can recall this with the aboutScreen block

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Thanks but I will explain what I mean
My program downloads a sheet from Google of the names of my projects and I compare these names to get the name that matches the name of my project
I need this when I update my software if I have more than one software on the same sheet

Thanks ,, Now I know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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