How can i get MIT App Inventor Certificate?

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone please guide me how I can get or apply for the MIT App Inventor Certificate ?

Welcome Zoraiz

MIT App Inventor Certificate ??? Where did you hear about this certificate?

Perhaps you are asking about one of the following.



or some third party (not MIT) offers a course in Programming App Inventor and they provide a certificate upon completion.

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Thank you @SteveJG for your reply.
I didn't know that there is nothing like a certificate. so, you mean to get some kind of MIT certificate, I need to enroll myself in the course ?

and what is this [AI2Certificate]

It is a 'home made' certificate made by someone who teaches a class programming using App Inventor.
It is 'made' by using the link to the tool that can be used to create a certificate for anything.

Why do you need a certificate?

Possibly. Perhaps @ewpatton can comment about obtaining a certificate from MIT.


got it , thank you for guiding @SteveJG