How can I get dictionary to work for this App

The app is an educational quiz app. I created a screen for each subject. Check below for the block for math and science.

Except for the question, the options, and the answers, they are all related.
I would like to get it to work using a dictionary, whereby a screen will be used for all subjects.
Here is what I could come up with: I am stuck!


Hello Abdulganiyy

Since you can only display one subject at a time, you should only need one screen shared by all subjects (possibly a virtual screen). It would not necessarily require a dictionary, using a List might be easier and the information could be stored in text files - that way, it would be possible to add new subjects by just producing a new text file and not having to edit, recompile and redistribute the App.

There are a number of Quiz App examples in the Gallery, I suggest you peruse those.

I have been trying, but with no luck yet. if you get any you can suggest, please do.


Have checked-out the Gallery?