How can i get a list from Database without listview?

Ok, i dont speak english very well but ill try to do my best.

For example, i put 5 different data, then i save to my tinyDB.

1.- Number Reg
2.- Name
3.- Phone Number
4.- Country
5.- Male or Female

I have a Spinner that selects Number Reg, then i want the app shows me the other 4 data. But i dont want to use listview, just shows a list down, maybe using labels.

When i entered only 2 data, i can do this, but not when i have 3 or more data in the DB.

put the 4 other data into a list of lists and the number reg into a simple list ,both lists you can store in TinyDB, then after picking an item from the spinner, use the selection index to select the corresponding sublist form the list of lists


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thank u so much… ill read both articles… really thanks :slight_smile: