How can I gather "set" and "call FirebaseDB1 . GetValue"

Hello, I wrote a project which is correctly work with TinyDB component.

But, when I try to use FireBaseDB instead of TinyDB, I can’t find the substitute block in Blocks Screen.
Please find a solution, or let me know if there is any method to set the block, have the same function
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

You will have to change the way your blocks are working. The AI2 Firebase component has a "when GotValue block which you use when retrieving values from Firebase. You call the tag, then handle the return.

Hey thanks for your answer, could you fix it?

Have a go, see how you get on. You need to move any blocks that run after the gotValue into that block from where they are after the tinydb gotvalue block. Come back if you get stuck.

Hey it worked! (partially) Thanks. But the current problem is, I want to see the list which include retrieved information on FireDB just after I re-run the program. But now, I have to click “submit” button to let the list screen refresh itself when I run the app. Any idea without kinda “refresh” button?

Set your listview elements in the gotvalue event block as previously advised