how can i find my app Privacy Policy url plz help

how can i find my app Privacy Policy url plz help

You have to make that yourself. Put it online somewhere. If you are placing your app in Google Play you have to provide a link to your privacy policy.

Here are a number of sites that can help you with making a privacy policy.

This one is especially for apps.

hi sir i cant find my app Privacy Policy url where i find plz help

We don’t produce a privacy policy for you. If you’re publishing your app to Google Play or another store, you’ll have to craft a policy yourself. Depending on the nature of the application and the data you collect, you may want to have a lawyer help you. We cannot provide you legal advice.

This was already asked and answered. Please don’t pm devs to get attention. Ask your question on the community and be patient.

My simple flashlight app uses TaifunFlashlight extension, it just turns the flash on and off.
It needs permission for Camera.
I don't collect any data, so I don't have privacy policy.
Can I publish the app without this?

You will probably need a privacy policy regardless of whether your app collects personal data or not, even if it says so.

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