How can I filter the data in a list?

I am developing an app about raising orders and I have a problem in the module to create orders since I create the orders with different users but when I have to show the orders in each user session I don't know how to show only the orders of that user.
I have the idea that I have to filter the data from each list of values because when I store the order data they are in separate lists, for example:
Order_id list | user_id list | order_id list | order_list

Is there anyone who can help me ?

please give more detailed example for what you have and what you want..

Hello, thank you for your reply @Kevinkun

Here I show you my order history page where I should show only the orders of each of the registered users in this application.

You can see that I need to get the orders from the database which is a TinyDB and put that data in this List_View, only show the orders of the user that is active. :

Here's how I query the database

I know that I can put the values obtained from the database to the ListView but I don't know how to make the filter to only show the orders that correspond to the customer that is reviewing his history.

Can you help me?

firstly you need to store all data in one list (of list), not separate lists.
then sort list on one field,
then show data use TableView extension.

You can sort the List as shown in Sajal's tutorials

or use the ListView and its Filter bar.

Here is a sample project with list filters for you ...

ok thanks and I try this solucion !

Thanks and I read this articule!