How can I ensure that the numbers of the buttons stay the same after hiding them?

So I am creating a number memory game, 9 buttons with respective numbers ranging from 1 to 9 are hidden after 1 minute, and the player has to tap on the buttons with the numbers the same as the number shown on the number label. How can I ensure that the numbers on the buttons stay the same even after hiding them, and how can I code them so that when the number on the button clicked matches with the number on the number label, the player scores a point? Thanks!

Hi again Agatha,

if you remember, you have a randomNumbers lists...with the lists that you are setting initially to the can use a similar "for" loop to set again the same numbers to the same buttons.

Anyway, if you are changing only visible property...the set text will remain.

Ok, thank you.

But how exactly does that work?

click on a button for 8-9 times with no tip, is a bad experience.
You can make the text on the button increase one on every click. when it's more than 9, make it 1.

when you click hide button, all the buttons text are set to empty and, when you click again any button, the initially assigned number is placed again.

ok thanks.

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