How can i download an app?

I would like to give an app to a friend, but I can't download it because it is too heavy. How can I do it?

Hello Darribo

In what format are you downloading the file? As a Project file (.aia)? As an executable (APK)? How do you want to deliver your App to your friend? Via Google Drive for example?

It's quiet difficult to make a heavy App in App Inventor :thinking: What is making it so heavy?

Yes, with Google Drive would be good. I have tried to download it with apk but I couldn't because it is too heavy

Downloaded from where? And how big is your app/APK?

Maybe you want UPLOAD, not download your apk

Depending on the server you use, apps are limited to different sizes. On (which runs at Google), the AIA file is limited to 30 MB in size or thereabouts. For (which runs at Amazon), the AIA file is limited to 50 MB. If you are getting errors related to the build process, it's likely you've either added a lot of screens or a lot of assets.

Google Drive is a good idea; however a better one would be here: Internxt Send. It allows you to send files up to 5GB in military-grade encryption. After uploading, you can copy a link to send to your friend. When he/she opens the link, the files will appear and he/she can download them.