How can I display information from a marker in a popup window?

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I have three lists (Latitude, Longitude and Telephone) which are saved correctly. Then I can show those coordinates on a map with a marker, but I want that when I click on the marker, the information box with the telephone number of the marker selected will be displayed.



but the info box is empty

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The National Parks tutorial) demonstrates how to do that Jonnathan.

Does the attached aia help? It shows the required Blocks.

Yes, thanks, I was seeing it but he uses a csv to load the information

:slight_smile: did you know a List can be converted into a csv and a csv can be converted into a List using a blue Block? Load the information with a List instead of the csv.

Look at the example and experiment with your List.

thank you Steve, I'll try!

I can't, any other idea? Thanks

You can't what? This is your app Jonnathan; you make it do what you want it to do.
What are you having trouble with? Show all your Blocks. What did you try other than the Blocks you provide that do not work. We can't guess.

Did you make a List of your run time components? Developers can not get the app to display appropriate information from a run time Marker without the List. You create the Markers but do not provide a List. You need the component; this grabs the component id using select list item list Map.Features.

Here are a few code snippets that work in someone else's app. They won't work in your app as shown; you will need to code something similar.

You need a List of the runtime Markers you create. This is one way to write code to make that List:

Other possible Blocks might look something like:

Does this help?

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Thank you so much Steve, Finally i got it!

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