How can i create an onebox?

Sometimes i see in the posts some links that have a box in turn of them and are expanded, with a icon and server etc. I would like to create oneboxes sometimes, not just links like This
What can i do?

I believe the link has to be on its own line and the page at the link in question must have sufficient OpenGraph metadata.

I put the link on a different line and it is a google dive .aia file. It don't appears as onebox.

like this:

All I put in the post was this:

like this:

If you are linking to a post on the forum, sometimes you have to remove the numbers from the end of the link

Ok, i'll try again

Is this an onebox?

Yeah, it is! Generally, i put a link like this:

well done :+1:

Ok, now i think you can close the topic :wink:

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