How can I create an integrated application that features three buttons, with each button leading to a separate app?


Use the activity starter

This no longer works on Android 11+ without editing the Manifest.

What exactly does not work anymore? Then it looks like the documentation needs an update...


To open 2 installed apps (app1 & app2) on your device you must declare the following lines in the Manifest:

        <package android:name="<packageName>.app1" />
		<package android:name="<packageName>.app2" />
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If I had created 2 apps ("app1", "app2") with AI2 and wanted to open them from another app, I would follow these steps:

  1. Use these blocks

  2. Create the APK

  3. Decompile the APK

  4. Add these lines

       <package android:name="appinventor.ai_bodymindpower.app1" />
       <package android:name="appinventor.ai_bodymindpower.app2" />
  1. Sign and recompile the APK.