How can i create a calendar? assigning color to calendar cells. how can i do it

Tested in companion and compiled app (Android 13), none of the three textboxes get focus (orange frame) at any time

Can you post the checked aib file?

I used your aia project above

It happens when I hit the 'AYARLARA GİT' button. It happens when you switch to the next page.

IT DOESN'T HAPPEN AT FIRST OPENING. THEN IT HAPPENS IN THE TRANSITIONS. It happens when I hit the 'AYARLARA GİT' button. It happens when you switch to the next page.

Do not shout (use capital letters) - this is considered rude on this community.

I tested the app several times, pressed buttons, switched screens, restarted the app, no focus to the textboxes. This could be an Android version thing (you are using 6 & 7 ?)

Sory. It wasn't my intention to be rude. accept my apologies. Thank you. I wasted your time Thank you very much for your help. I have almost finished the application. I could never have made it without your help. Thank you very much.

I downloaded the application. This is the image that appeared when I first uploaded it. I just want it to be "go to settings" image. The name of the button is "btChangeStartDate".

date_1_2.aia (35.0 KB)

This how you have your app setup, it won't operate until you have at least one switch turned on .

Thank you. At first boot. when it's the first app install. You said there won't be a "ayarlara git" screen. do i understand this right?

When I have tested your compiled app, I have had to turn on a switch, then select a date, then display the calendar.

Ok. Thanks. I will continue the image like this.

With regard to you textbox frame and datepicker display, I charged up an Android 7 phone and installed your app. You are correct, in Classic theme the textbox does get an orange frame (focus) and the datepicker has a black background with "today" also in black.

To overcome these two issues, change your theme from Classic to Device Default (in Screen1 properties). Your app layout may need some adjustment.


çok teşekkür ederim. I made the background color of the textbox orange, this is how I solved the problem.

When opening the phone app. I want to write "Loading" on the screen. Is this possible

Just "Loading" on its own, nothing else on screen ? How long do you want this to show?

only show "loading". Let it show for 2 seconds. Thank you very much.

date_1_2 (1).aia (35.1 KB)
my current updated file

Some ideas for you here:

Thank you very much. I hope I succeed.