How can I create a Booking repair service having 3 actors(client, repair/technician and admin)?

a Booking repair service

Create your application using virtual screens, application would be having all the virtual screens which is concerned to all this three actors and using login page, whoever enter to application so only those virtual screen which is concerned to that specific actor would be visible, this kind of filtering you can do using ACL - application control logic, who have what section of application to view or modify database portion.

Thank you, I already have my screens but Im having difficulties like when i register as a technician I have to go to this certain page including the information that are supposed to be in that persons profile.

When concern people sign-up or register save his nature or arrangement name in tinydb.

Whenever he open the app, or logged in just visible saved Virtual screen or arrangement name saved in the above tinydb.

i did used firebase but am having a problem on when a user would register with a certain category he/she belong to like for a client he would go to this certain page for clients only including the information like in her profile etc..